July 19, 2017:  The wave buoy was redeployed successfully from the R/V Bellows. Data are available through the CDIP and NOAA PORTS web pages although they do not yet appear on the TBPORTS Text Screen.

June 12, 2017:  The Egmont Channel Entrance (Buoy 42098) wave buoy's mooring was run over and cut by a dredging vessel at about 1354 EDT on 5/23/17. We were unable to go after it due to gale force winds. It washed ashore in Belleair Shores at about 0800 EDT on 5/25/17. Officer Rick Doyle of the Belleair Police Dept., PCSO Deputy Scott Vaughn and friends from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium Sea Turtle Patrol helped us recover it. We have received a new mooring assembly and will redeploy the buoy as soon as possible, most likely during the week June 19 if weather allows.